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about me

"we have always done things this way"

Hi, I’m Mathias Karlsson!

A tech nerd. I’m also the Chief of AI and Technology Strategist at Mindact.

I leverage 20+ years of IT experience to drive innovation. I’m a respected speaker who simplifies complex tech concepts, inspiring audiences by connecting technology and human development.

My expertise is in opportunities and helping both people and organizations grow with the help of AI and advanced tech. With deep knowledge in IT and change management, I excel at solving complex problems and discovering innovative solutions.

The way technology influences people has always fascinated me, particularly the endless possibilities within Artificial intelligence.

I’m committed to challenging the status quo. ”We’ve always done it this way” is my least favorite phrase. I constantly challenge and rethink traditional methods.


At we specialize in developing people and organizations through artificial intelligence. As your strategic partner for innovation, we help companies exceed their business goals by leveraging deep technological understanding and strategic digitalization.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services including:

– Educational lectures and tailored training programs
– In-depth analysis of AI opportunities
– Implementation of AI and smart technical solutions
– Custom AI development through our network of skilled partners

Our mission is to evolve businesses and successfully navigate the AI landscape. We provide the knowledge and guidance needed to make informed decisions in this rapidly evolving field.

By bridging the gap between cutting-edge AI and practical business applications, we help organizations unlock new efficiencies and opportunities in the digital age.

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